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"I am the cup of Nestore from which it is pleasant

to drink.

He who drinks from this cup will immediately desire Aphrodite with  the beatiful crown ".

The populations of the South-Eastern Mediterranean boast a civilization which is older than of Europe.
They were the first to start the cultivation of vines, perceiving that by means of pruning they could obtain less abundant, but more concentrated fruit and thus wine which was alcoholic and good.
In the 9th canto of the Odyssey there is a critical judgment of wines and  systems of  wine-making of the Cyclops, which only an expert viticulturist could have made, in this case a Greek.
Classical archeology and philology affirm the transplanting of vines from Attica to Cuma.
Nestore's  cup among the archaeological find on Ischia is a witness to this transplanting with its Greek inscription  in Homeric hexameters translated by Marcello Gigante.
The Flegrean vines , belonging to the Hellenic aristocracy became notorius  in the Roman era and were  produced in great quantity .

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